We as a club are open to anyone over the age of 18 for full contact.

Doesn’t matter if you re seasoned Vet or have no knowledge of American football at all

We will teach you all the skills and lessons needed to play the game!

There are no minimum fitness levels required, all are welcome at the Sabres! We will work together help you along the way.

There is a position for everyone in this sport!

All you will need is a bottle of water and a pair of football boots to come and train with us!

Wear suitable training clothing that is comfortable. All other equipment will be provided on the day is necessary.


If you are interested in coaching for the Sabres, please fill in the contact form and one of our Board members or head coach will get in contact with you.

For coaches it doesn’t matter to us what experience you have as a coach or if you are just starting out as a coach. We will help you with your coaching journey

Support Staff

If you would like to become and member of the Sabres support staff, please fill in the contact form

We are always on the lookout for members to help run the Sabres and offer support behind the scenes!

There are various roles and positions which can help us on and off the Field.

One of our board members will contact you regarding open positions.

So how do you get involved?

Turn up at The Deanes School on a Sunday, and bring with you:

Boots for training on grass

A bottle of water

A mouthguard (if you have one)

You’ll meet the players and coaches, who’ll take you through the basics of the game and run through some drills for different positions.

We recruit all year round, not just in the off-season. It’s never too late to get involved with American Football.

To find out more, about how to become part of the sabres family, pop us a message on the contact form or message us on our socials. 

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